• 40kw
  • 100kw
  • 30-40kw
  • 80kw
  • 50kw
 Engines Introduction 

Adopt highly technology,base highly level parts to produce reliable engines. Applications for marine use,construction use,generating use and loader,forklift etc.Provide 4 cylinders,6 cylinders.Engines can be with gear box for marine use or with clutch supply power to machines.

  • Output Range:20kw~600kw
  • Cylinder No.:4/6
  • Intake Method:Natural / Turbocharged
  • Cooling:Sea or Fresh Water
  • Applications: Customzied

Variety application diesel engines,from 20kw to 600kw.

More detailed for Ricardo Generators

Diesel engines for Generating use:
Power :20kw to 300kw
Engine Models: 490D 495D 4100D 4100ZD 4105ZD 6105ZD 6105AZLD 6105IZLD 6110ZLD 6113ZLD 6126ZLD 6126IZLD

Diesel engines for Marine use:
Cylinder 2/4/6
Power :20kw-600kw
Engine Models:495C 490C 4100C 4100ZC 4105ZC 4105C 6105ZC 6105AZC 6105IZLC 6113ZLC 6126ZLC etc.
Sea water cooling generators can be used for marine diesel generators or marine main engines etc.

Diesel engines for construction use:
Can be with different model clutch according requirement.

Diesel engines for other applications etc.